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1989 ....

If you entrust the management of your house, your rental income and your housing benefit account to someone else, then you should know your manager well and trust him, because you trust him  Your wealth in the form of real estate.

In 1989 we took over several condominiums from the real estate portfolio of a major Hessian bank into our administration, now rent them out, manage them,  

care for

we have almost 400 objects. 

We offer you condominium management and rental apartment management, the basis of our work is competent specialist knowledge, close and good cooperation with the local craft businesses, municipal utilities and public authorities / administrations as well as precise property knowledge in order to be able to represent the interests of the owners quickly and at short notice to be able to react to all situations. 

As administrators, we see it as our task to relieve the respective owners of the work related to property ownership as much as possible (ie according to the owner's request and while safeguarding his interests) and to continuously contribute to maintaining the value of the property. At the same time, the costs for the management should be optimized - for example with regular checking of the costs of all contracts (maintenance / service / insurance contracts).
As a native of Münster, we know the particularities of the residential areas, the residents, the previous and future urban development and can thus influence the rentability of properties with targeted measures - not least because of this, the vacancy rate in the buildings we manage is below 0.5%.

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